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Inspired by a February picnic, sitting shivering on the cliffs and watching this amazing little jewel of a bird. The rivers were freezing over, so it came and gave us a wonderful display whilst gathering food in the coastal rock pools. The thrilling fabulous electric colours made me rush home and create this scarf to say Thank you. The Kingfisher has become my best seller so I have created a page dedicated to its variations and uses.
I use the finest silk for these scarves, they are so soft and sensuous they are like a kiss of colour to brighten your day. I offer three different sizes to match your differing wardrobe requirements.

I create two different colour types. The Kingfisher chestnut has a run of the chestnut colouring on the bird and is amazing. The blues and turquoises and chestnut fuse and blend to offer a more earth tone feel to the blues. This scarf also gets the Wow response and looks great on darker blondes, reds and browns, green and brown eyes.

The largest size is perfect for use as a shawl for formal occasions, to use on your cruise to wrap around chilly evening shoulders but it is so fine that it is great as a large scarf to wrap comfortably around you. A sarong, a dress, a top, a head covering, it’s up to you, have fun with it.

The medium size is great as a scarf, a small shrug around your shoulders, a top, a head covering. It is the same length as the large but half the width, offering less volume for you.

The small size is perfect to wear as a scarf, offering a pop of colour to your work outfit, jumper or dress. So many of my customers love this scarf and comment on how useful it is to have a smaller, narrow scarf that just adds a hint to your style. It is also worn as a belt, hair wear, on your handbag, the uses are endless.

The scarf is fabulous and really has to be seen to be appreciated, the photos don’t really do the colours and feel of the silk justice. I have mentioned customers say WOW to the silk, they also say that to the price. This range is incredibly affordable and I am constantly being told I should put the prices up. I have made the decision that I want this scarf to be accessible to all and that means making a partnership with you about the price. Buy it, love it and let it comfort you, I know it will. Jane







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