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River Flow - Pink Twilight

I love the drama, the heightened senses of being present in nature, especially when it is getting dusky and then dark and the world becomes a shadow. The night shift takes over and muffled sounds make your hair tingle. The rivers flow fast, swiftly and turbulently, rolling and turning as they race towards tomorrows daylight.
I have created two scarves in this range. Nightfall captures the darkening river flow, with dark blues and greens and blacks, like it’s flowing under trees arching over the river. The fabulous colours I have blended further intermingle as they chase over the silk and dance together. Gorgeous Habotai silk is used for these scarves, more tactile and heavy, like the water.
Twilight is all about the moon sparkling onto the racing current. As the river courses over the rocks, it is made radiant by the moon. Silvers and dark greys with a hint of the faded sunset make this a beautiful scarf that will look fabulous with blacks and greys and whites. Again, I use the Haboatai heavier silk to represent the depth of the water. They are both beautiful and my favourite scarves to paint, I pin that silk to the frames, get my paintbrush out and who knows  what can happen!!

River Flow - Pink Twilight

  • 45 x 180 cms

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