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Lac & Onion Skin

This is the only small eco printed scarf I do in a small size because I bundle dye it instead of steaming it. I dye the scarf first of all with Lac which is a dye made from a secretion that a Lac insect makes in trees. The wood is harvested as Stick Lac and ground down and filtered leaving behind the dye Lac and the resin Shellac which you use on your nails!. I then lay the onion skins on to the dyed scarf and roll it up into a tight bundle which I wrap up with string. This then gets put into an old cooking pot full of lac dye and simmered on the stove for two hours. My son Jack is often disappointed to find I’m cooking scarves instead of a nice stew. This scarf is lovely pinks and bright golds eco printed onto gossamer like Ponge silk.

Lac & Onion Skin

  • 25 x 150 cms

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