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1scarf - £25
2 scarves - £45
3 scarves - £60

This scarf is inspired by the fabulous electric colours of a Kingfisher we watched fishing in the rockpools at Baggy Point in Croyde. I was so thrilled that I created this scarf which is now my Best Seller. I use the finest, softest silk, so sensuous they are like a kiss of colour to brighten your day.

The small size is perfect to wear as a scarf, offering a pop of colour and comfort. It is useful as a smaller, narrow scarf that adds a hint to your style. It is also worn as a belt, hair wear, on your handbag, the uses are endless.

Kingfisher Blue celebrates the fabulous blues and turquoises of the bird and is iridescent and vibrant. This scarf is sensational on blondes and blue eyes or grey hair.

Kingfisher Chestnut includes a streak of chestnut to give more earth tones with the blues. This scarf is Wow! and looks great on darker blondes, reds and browns, green and brown eyes.

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